Sunday, June 28, 2009


For my initial blog, I'm posting pics from last night which is when I officially decided to start my blog.  We went out in the East Village starting out the night with some Connect Four at Copper Kettle.  Kind of a ho-hum bar, but a great place to go if you want to wager drinks over board games.  Our next stop was Pianos before heading uptown to relive some nostalgia at Dorrians with my friend Carrie from Boston.  You may notice the lint brush in many of my photos, which I mistakenly brought out.  Many people mistook this for a mic, leading to interesting "interviews" for this very blog.  Can't remember what any of my interviewees said now, so thinking I may start bringing out a real recorder to capture my funny convos to later blog about here.

Here is a run down of the above pics:

1.  My friends Maggie and Amy (who I'm sure will be on the blog a lot), Carrie (friend from Boston), and myself.  
2.  Guy who loved my lint roller mic and insisted on doing a tribute to the late Michael Jackson for my blog by singing Billy Jean...if only it was really a recorder.  I think the singing was pretty bad, but I let it slide given he was kind of cute.  
3.  Amy "interviewing" a random funny guy who insisted on wearing his shades for the photo. Don't really remember what he was talking about, but looks to be quite funny.
4.  Me spinning records with the DJ at Pianos.  It's amazing the access a lint roller mic will get you.
5.  Great dancer who was also wearing a headband and got slapped by his girlfriend for dancing like an idiot.
6.  Carrie requested that the bar tender give us 4 shots of the worst tequila he had...not the best idea she's ever had.  
7.  My super fun Dolce Vita boots that I wore out last night.  I love them because they are super tall and kind of bad a** with all the buckles.  Also wore my very short, zippered Dolce Vita dress out...very fun zipper opening at the neckline with zipper pockets at the hips.
8.  Double finger ring I made with gold/silvery textured spheres on wire.
9.  Yummy lip gloss I picked up on impulse at CVS before heading out last night.  Seriously this stuff smells and tastes amazing and it was only $2.99.
10.  My boo boo from biting it on the rocky sidewalk last night.  Uneven side walks and 5in booties don't mix.  :-(

Ok that's all for now.  So excited for my first post to be done.  I'll post more soon!