Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sionara Summer

So I know it's quickly turning into fall on the East Coast, but I have several summery pics left to share, so in this last few days of true summer I wanted to share my farewell summer pics. I really should be blogging about fashion week, and I do have fun pics and exciting experiences to share, but I guess I can't stop hanging on to the last sun kissed warm weather days. Fall looks wish lists, and fashion week to come soon, but first my beachy outfits.

Here I'm wearing a Leyendecker one shoulder dress. I'm in love love with this dress and the amazing fades of yellow, coral, poppy, and black down the front. Reminds me of a sunset fading to night at the beach.

Aldo peach pumps. Love the little ruffle on the front.

Lauren Merkin woven clutch and triple finger gold ring from Urban Outfitters.

Special thanks to my Aunt for capturing all these sionara summer shots!

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