Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fringe is the New Black

Kind of a long post, but there was definitely a lot of inspirational visuals at the Shinecock Nation Indian Pow Wow I went to in Southampton this weekend.

A Native American woman, her children and myself at the pow wow.  Their outfits were so colorful and beautiful.  

My friends and I with an Aztec dancer.  His outfit was unbelievable...scary and beautiful all in one.

A shot of his feathered headdress from the side.  Unbelievable!!

Shots of Native American traditional garb.

This guys boots were sooo cool.  I had to get a shot and I also really want a pair for myself!! ha ha  

Carved animal necklace created by one of the vendors at the pow wow, Norma Jean Locklear (910-733-0187).  My friend bought a very similar one, which I think could make for a very unique boho look.

My loot from the pow wow, turquoise beaded barrette and stainless steal beaded earrings.  You can't really tell from the photo but these curve around your ear in a very cool and sophisticated way.  Not sure of the designer of these.

After leaving the pow wow we stopped by downtown Southampton to grab some diner.  Above is a cute sidewalk cafe.

In the entry way to the Ralph Lauren Home Store on Job St.  This store was so clean and airy.  I'm wearing a cheapy jewel green shirt from F21 with a woven belt from Anthropologie, my American Apparel denim running shorts, Steve Madden fringe flats, Rebecca Minkoff handbag and Mui Mui shades.

Close up on the Anthro belt.

Also wore this indian head ring I picked up from a street vendor on St. Marks Places this spring.

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  1. great ooutfit. and i adore your ring :)
    i love the native american culture, its so fascinating!