Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm With the Band

Tonight I went to see a friend's show at Arlene's Grocery on the Lower East Side.  I love the down town vibe of this place.  I feel like it has the true essence of downtown Manhattan rock.

I went for an edgy, rocker, 80ish vibe for the show.  Wearing a neon yellow bandage skirt from Express.  I picked this up on a random trip to Express for $23.  It was one of the last ones left!
Worn with a Tart wrap top and Express skinny studded belt.

Silver and black stack rings from Aldo.

Strappy, neon, multi colored heels from Report Signature.  I love these shoes so much.  I get a  neoprene/surfer feel from them.

Here's the band I went to see - Dunnie Bobos.  Awesome show!

There was also some great style to be seen at the show.  I love Cynthia's funky mohawk.  I need to figure out how I can do this with my much longer hair.  Awesome earrings too.

I also loved Jamie's rocker style.  Not many guys can pull off white skinny jeans, but these totally worked on him.

I'm so exhausted from the show tonight, so I'm off to bed, but wanted to share this post first since I was really excited for all the pics I snapped tonight.  

Good Night Everyone!


  1. LOVE IT!!!!! Also who took the fantastic photos of you?