Monday, February 8, 2010

Who Dat?

As most of you know the Super Bowl was this weekend and with my favorite team, The Steelers, being out of the running I decided to route for the team with a similar color scheme to the The Steelers, The Saints.  Wearing a plaid shirt from Urban Outfitters, cut off jeans from American Eagle, gold tights with black swiss dot tights on top and my Marc Jacobs duck booties.

One of my friends hosted a Super Bowl party at his apartment and the food was amazing. He made everything from mini burgers to pulled pork sandwiches, to individual nachos.  It was amazing.  My friends and I brought the desserts above.  I have to give shot out to my friends Maggie & Amy for their craftmanship on the Saints sugar cookies.  Very cute!

Close up of my Marc duck boots.  They are fully lined with fur (fake of course) and are so comfy and warm!

Also wore this fun zipper ring from Urban Outfitters.  I love how it's one interconnected ring that spans across 3 fingers!

Happy day after the Super Bowl everyone!  And thanks to all of my followers and commenters.  It means so much to have people reading and enjoying on my blog! :-)

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  1. Lovin that plaid top. Oh...and the cookies! :)