Sunday, August 2, 2009

Retail Therapy

So today I woke up totally pumped and un-hung over for a full day of surfing on Long Beach.  Unfortunately the weather was not on the same page as me with rain and thunderstorms pretty much all day.  To help me out of my bad weather funk, I decided to do a little retail therapy.

I've been hearing about Bare Minerals for a while now and in need of some new makeup I decided to check out the store close to my apartment.  The makeup has no preservatives, fillers, binders, talc, oil, or fragrances and supposedly even helps make your skin better over time.

Pretty much everything they have is in powder form which turns creamy when mixed with the heat of your skin.  When the makeup artist, first put the foundation (in powder form on my face) I wasn't really wowed, but as I sat there it's almost like the make up became more a part of my face and the coverage just got better.  And it really doesn't feel like you're wearing anything at all, which is a big plus.

My only complaint is there is kind of a lot of steps compared to what I'm used to, but the result is still very natural.  My true test will be using it tomorrow morning before work to see if it is in fact really managable in day to day life.   

My loot.  Yes, I spent a small fortune.  At first I was a little skeptical of the mascara since I'm a Fiberwig girl, but this stuff made my lashes longer than I have ever seen testing to see if I have a waterproof problem with it.  Also I loved the eyeshadow colors.  I got a pretty sea green and two different golds.

Here I am in my rainy day attire on my way home from shopping.  Wearing yellow Hunter wellies, a black spring jacket with laser eyelet cut outs from F21 and my tiedye leather clutch from Urban Outfitters.

Mid way through my walk home I stopped to do a sweat test on the makeup.  Despite the rain, it was quite humid and muggy out.  Makeup wasn't running.

By the time I got home my skin still looked dewy and hair is another story.

Close up of the Sarah Briggs earrings I wore today.  She's makes truly beautiful pieces and is one of the nicest designers I've ever met.

Also wore my JCrew bauble ring today.

I'm excited to see how the makeup continues to work for me and if this mineral makeup trend is all it's really cracked up to be.  I'll be sure to share my continued experience via the blog.

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  1. i love your yellow wellies! i need a pair like that haha :)