Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beef Ribs and Checkered Wedges

If you read my blog, you'll probably come to realize that one of my loves beyond good shoes is good BBQ.  Always ready for a new BBQ adventure, my friends and I had dinner at Hill Country in Manhattan this week.  
Only one of the many pieces of down South inspired decorations that adorns Hill Country.  Definitely thought it looked kinda cool hanging from the industrial like ceilings.

Everything here is pretty much self serve, except for the drinks (wonder why).  You go up to the counters and order your meat, which they serve to you in this old fashioned butcher paper (you also pay by the pound), and your sides.  This is my lovely dinner of BBQ chicken, mac & cheese, and corn pudding.  Margarita with Jalepinos is in the background.

My friends and I about to chow down.

Maggie trying to eat her monsterous beef ribs.  Next time we'll stick with the pork.

More lovely decor at Hill Country including the cowboy boot lined bar.

They also have live music on certain nights and the best part is the back drop for the band which is made entirely out of denim and bandanas.

Close up of my favorite part of the stage back drop.

That night I wore a peach dress with a ruffled collar from JCrew with super high ribbon checked wedges by Joey O.  Also had on a super long gold and blue stone necklace by Amrita Singh, which is unfortunately hard to see here.

Close up of the wedges, which apparently kind of make gross veins pop out in my feet.  Kinda makes you wonder what heels do to your feet...anyway, I love these wedges because the checkered design on them is created by interwoven pieces of silk ribbon!

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