Saturday, June 12, 2010

Meatballs & Marrakesh

Ever so rarely do I start out a post more excited about the food I had while wearing the outfit than the outfit itself.  However, last night I went to the Meatball Shop on Manhattan's Lower East Side and it was an amazing experience.  So amazing I was too busy eating to remember to take photos of the meal itself!  So due to my stupidity I gave you the link above to their website where you can see all the meatball pics your heart desires.  The food there is delish, simple and inexpensive.  So if you live in the NYC area or visit and want a quick bite, I highly suggest stopping by.  I recommend the spicy pork meatball with spicy tomato sauce.

Now on to the outfit.  I wore a beaded bolero from Zara with an olive tank from H&M, my JBrand skinny jeans and Rebecca Minkoff morning after bag.  I picked up this bolero in March as a birthday treat to myself and have been waiting for the opportunity to wear it and to me meatballs was that opportunity.  

What I love about this bolero is the intricate and delicate bead work that make it so unique and beautiful.

Worn with my Diane Von Furstenberg Opal wedges, which I had been eyeing for a while and finally purchased back in the beginning of May.  I have to say I think they are the best purchase of my summer so far.   (Sorry other purchases, I still love you).  These are incredibly comfortable despite their height, relatively easy to walk in and they go with everything.  My cost per wear of these shoes has already made them worth the splurge.  Plus the gradated wood heel is just so fun!

I also wore this Indian inspired necklace I picked up at the Union Square Christmas fair this past winter.   I felt like the beads and gold work went so well with the bolero.

Kevia triple band flower rings in emerald, ruby and sapphire.

In our food coma, my friends and I decided to hit up one more close by bar before heading home last night.  Across the street from the Meatball Shop is a cute little restaurant/bar, Rayuela, which is decorated on the outside by masses of votive candles.  Inside they make very yummy and interestingly flavored drinks.  The top drink, called Coming up Roses, was mine and it had champagne, lime, and real rose petals in it.  My friend ordered their nightly special cocktail which had actual pop rocks in it!  How cool?!

Since this seems to be the weekend of food I'm off to the Big Apple BBQ shortly.  More posts to come on this later!

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