Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back in Black

Hi Everyone!!  How I've missed blogging so!  So sorry for not blogging in so long.  There are really no excuses, but I'll try - busy at work, moving apts (Upper East to Upper West, yay!), vaca to the Dominican Republic (yes that's why I'm not quite as pasty anymore).  Either way I'm so excited to be back and in the spirit of blogging again.

Today is a gloomy rainy June day in NYC...what's up with it being kinda cold in June? My outfit, however, did brighten my day today.  A little edgy and downtown.  I realized I must be doing something right today when the 50+ year old man teaching a training at work today told me he noticed my booties from a far and that they were really cool. lol!

I'm wearing a zip front flower pattern dress from Forever 21 with a asymmetrical tuxedo jacket from Victoria's Secret.

Gladiator booties I just scored from Nine West.  Love how they edge up any outfit.

I scored these little dagger necklaces on my recent trip to the D.R for like $2.  There delicate and tiny yet bad a$$ all at once.  My boyfriend told me they remind him of the vial of blood Angelina Jolie used to wear around her neck for Billy Bob Thorton.  I guess I'll take that...or maybe I'll just jab him with one of my super cool daggers.  ;-P

Also wearing a ring I scored at a little jewelry store while I was lost down town one day.  I would love to say where it's from, but again I was lost.  The ring looks black from far away, but up close it's actually a hunter green with little gold flecks.  Unexpected and fun!

So glad to be back!  Happy rainy Wednesday everyone!


  1. I love your necklace! It's super pretty :)

    Good luck with your move/I hope you love your new place.