Thursday, July 23, 2009

Arts + Culture

I've been wanting to post more photos from the beach, but have been super busy playing catch up with work.  I'm pretty excited to be home tonight to be able to post more. 

On one of our days at the beach we decided to visit a nearby arts and cultural center where we got to see really cool glass blowing.  The two ladies below are demonstrating how to make a vase and beads (sorry the photos aren't clearer).  My mom and I bought these cute blown glass ring holders.  This one is mine...didn't get a pic of hers though.

There was also a cool museum there with a large porch and statuesque white pillars.  Snapped some shots there too.  Wearing shredded jean shorts from American Eagle (cheapies, but they go with so many things) a tiered circular confetti shirt from JCrew and some super high multicolored sandals.  I also wore bead spider web earrings from an NYC street vendor and my silver octopus ring from

I have a huge fear of spiders, but for some reason I thought this little glass bugger was super cute.

These glass pendants with silohouettes of different people inside where super cool too.

Not sure why, but I also quite loved this little skeleton man in the museum.  Wish I could have brought him home with me!

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