Friday, July 24, 2009

Stain Glass Dress

One on of our last nights at the beach we went to a serious seafood restaurant where I actually did order seafood despite my dislike for it (ok it was lobster with steak), but I'm trying to make myself like seafood.  There was an hour and a half wait just to get a table, but luckily it was right off a boat docking area which was fun to explore and get photos around.

I wore this Catherine Malandrino dress that I love love love.  The flower design around the neckline and hem of the dress looks like stain glass. 

I also love the way the skirt fans out to show the full stain glass like flowers.

Close up of the flowers.

I also wore this fun shell ring, because well...when in Rome (or at the beach) and I wore a beautiful aquamarine stone ring that belonged to my great grandmother.
I also put on these cute bow earrings made out of gold and yellow colored metal by By Boe,  I thought they were just delicate enough not to distract from the stain glass dress.

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  1. I have a ring very similar in design to your aquamarine gem..Mine is amythist and it was my greatgrandmas too. It must have been popular at during their era. I'll have to show you sometime!