Friday, July 3, 2009


This week I had an event with my client at Bamboo 52 in midtown.  A pretty tasty sushi place (although I don't like sushi).  It was pouring when we first arrived so everyone was contained in this crazy colored room in the photo above.  Pic of Linda Evangelista was kind of cool though.  Later the rain stopped and we were able to go out to their garden area.  

Wearing a petal collared blouse from JCrew with a lace pencil skirt from Anthropologie.  (Liked the combo of colors and textures).  Nude heels I just got from Banana and am absolutely in love with for their structural quality and ability to go with EVERYTHING I own.  Bamboo clutch from a thrift store and a druzy stone ring by Heather Benjamin,  Each stone is mined and put in a setting to specifically match the curvature of the stone.  No two are alike. 

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