Monday, January 18, 2010

Beer Teardrops

After a long work week, I stayed in on Friday to have some fresh ravioli and sample some beers from Hog's Head beer of the month club.  I enjoy light beers and really liked the Grand Cru.  The Pale Ale was also pretty tasty.

I wore a multicolored Tracy Reese dress to work that day and since it's freezing in NYC, I also wore my beige ruffle front coat on top.  I paired the dress with my Forever 21 bubble necklace.

I've had these shoes forever & don't even know who they are by anymore, but the go with so many things & I love the stud detail on them!

I also wore this ring that actually came from Target!  It's a wooden tear drop with metal inset on the lower corner.  Such a fun piece to find at a mass retailer like Target!

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