Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter White Plaid

To kick off the work week, I wore a super comfy winter white sweater dress layered with a ruffle neck paid blouse underneath, both from Victoria's Secret.  I paired the dress/shirt combo with HUE navy blue tights.

Close up of the KT collection necklace I paired with the outfit.  The gun metal chain is a part of a vintage purse chain re-purposed into a necklace.  I love the feminine/edgy feel this piece exudes.  It one of my favorite necklaces of my collection!

The inspiration around my outfit today was these Deena and Ozzy ankle booties.  I just got them last week after a long back order wait and I couldn't wait to work them into an outfit.  Love the ruggedness, the straps and the buckles and I can totally see myself getting a lot of wear out of these booties.

To add in some color I grabbed my Rebecca Minkoff  Devote tote.  I like how it contrasted against the navy tights and winter white sweater dress, while tying in the yellow lines in my shirt.  

Also wore with these two rings.  The red and yellow was a cheapie find from Forever 21.  I love the fabric look underneath the glass of the ring.  The gold ring was another great find from Urban Outfitters.  I couldn't resist when I saw how this ring cut across the fingers to make such a geometrical look.

Have to end the blog with one funny picture of my fur baby.  I caught him sniffing my beer yesterday afternoon and was able to catch a picture of it.  Don't worry he definitely didn't get a taste of it though.  He's only 7 after all.

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