Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Grey Suede Sky Scraper

Having a hectic day, but wanted to do a quick post before crawling under my covers to la la land.  Wearing a hunter green boyfriend blazer from Zara, a white men's Hanes v-neck tee, and light blue AE skinny jeans.

I paired my outfit with these out of control suede Dolce Vita heels.  I love how sculptural & modern they are.  In Love!  

Wore a multi feathered headband I picked up at Arden B a few years ago.  Love how the different feathers are so beautiful together and the over all headband has a classy feel.

Also wore this vintage green beaded necklace.  The flower pendant at the end is really cool & reversible so even if the necklace flips over you're still showing a pretty flower image.
Have a good night all!

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